Maternity photoshoots can be as exciting as they seem to be. While our team of professionals capture the beauty of the bump or the special moment before your baby arrives. One of the things that might catch your nerves is what to wear for your maternity shoot. Your style and choice of color might have an impact and feel on the overall picture.

While you might want to look extravagant on your shoot day, it is also quite necessary to feel comfortable in what you wear to capture the moment as raw and special as it feels.

You might also want to change your outfits during the shoot to capture different looks. From an experienced photographer of over a decade and more importantly coming from the same place you’ve been, a mother. I’ve jotted down points to make my knowledge yours.

  • Make sure you have the concepts and their number prepared in your mind.
  • Make sure you take a note of what you might need to carry for the shoots.
  • The best choice of color to wear for the shoot is something that will color coordinate with the photo studio or the background theme you chose.
  • Surf for a wide variety of options before you finalize the dresses for the shoot.
  • In a shoot with a partner or with older children, remember to not contrast the colors of the clothes. Blending them all together, brings out an effective capture of the photo.
  • While capturing photos in numerous outfits tends to sound trending and exciting. It usually leads to chaos and unsatisfactory captures. I would suggest a total of 2-3 outfits for a photoshoot session.
  • Bodycon dresses usually bring out the shape of your bump
  • Empire line dresses along with flowing skirts.
  • Pairing up a lingerie alone with an open buttoned shirt/cardigan over the top.
  • Layering lingerie with lace dresses adding texture and dimensions to the photographs.
  • Keeping the color palette simple and minimalistic work well in the studio. Avoiding patterns or clothes with pictures or words in it - helps in focusing the picture without distracting from the emotional aspect.

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