What are Cutiepie Parties?

Being established in the field of photography for over a decade, we have successfully completed numerous photoshoots of different parties for children. And, somehow, my thoughts have slowly started to incline towards organizing the parties. It started with suggesting better themes, ideas and changes to the parties and has developed to organizing them. We have completed more than 100 parties celebrating joyous moments of many little children.

Why are we different?

While organizing parties seems to look like, it’s a cinch. It takes numerous things into consideration. From cherishing the values of the family to making the little one comfortable and letting everyone feel like home, me and my team have accomplished numerous parties bringing smiles all through their faces.

We take customizations so close to heart and believe that they add beauty to the core.

From giving you themed options for the parties to helping you choose your gifts, we come around with lots of creative and affordable ideas. We also tend to make the party as sustainable as it can get.

Helps you with a numerous options
We bring our creativity to the party making it seem like a personalized one
Customizing everything we can, that will tend you and your family to hold onto the memories
And, of course, will help you with photography and videography needs of the party. (:

What parties do we do?

Every moment of life is worth a celebration.

From the little-most moments of your little one’s birth to the actual celebrations, we are ready to celebrate your every special day.

From milestone celebrations to birthdays and get-togethers, we will join you in every occasion, And try our best to make your day much more special.

Me and my team will be more than elated to join you and your family on your special days. Please contact us for more information.