About Me

Hi, I'm Madhu Venigella

It all started when my husband, a renowned photographer, taught me the basics of photography and as time elapsed, I started to accompany him for the shoots and eventually fell in love with photography.

I was from an arts background ever since I was a child, my father was a painter. I used to wake up to the strokes of brushes over the canvas. And, somehow art was a form of communication in our family. And, that’s how I fell in love too. While I wanted to try something unique, my son Bhavin helped me to figure out that Kid’s photography was my niche. And, just like that, I started “Cutie pie Stories”. From candid shots to concept-driven and costume shoots, I have experience in quite versatile shoots.

Being awarded the “New Generation Female photographer” by ‘Melbourne female photography association’ was an honour. My enthusiasm for trying new approaches while capturing a moment was acknowledged in the ‘Singapore Candid Photo Contest’ and received an award for “Special Approach in Kid Photography.”

Having had an experience over a decade, we have now come to terms with capturing the right frames rather than capturing a thousand imperfect ones.